Newest Club in Town!

The Ah-Ha! Club is our reward program for dedicated customers.

Terms of Service

AhHa Noodles is a restaurant that specializes in the food of Northern China. This site is to assist customers of the restaurant.

Here are some rules:

  • One account per person
  • Don’t lie
  • Follow the law
  • Don’t use our service to promote your organization without our permission
  • Do not post mean, insulting or rude comments

Privacy Policy

The information that you provide is added to AhHa Noodles data systems. It is not sold or transferred to other organizations except those assisting AhHa Noodles. By default, your “user name” may be displayed on the website. We require a legal name to be entered along with the user name. Your name may be used at events but can enter a “preferred” name to use instead of your legal name. By default, the other information that you provide will be for internal use only. We take pictures at events that might include you and may be posted on the website.